I teach people how to make the most money, in the least amount of time, with the least amount of effort”

In 2008 I had an idea for an online software product, and in less than 5 years, it grew to be the largest legal network the UK had ever seen, generating over $200 million in annual revenues.   

In 2013, my business was the subject of an acquisition by a Plc, making me a multi-millionaire at age 38.  I resigned as CEO of my company in 2014 and moved to Perth Australia with my family.

Now I work with business owners & entrepreneurs to ‘find their soul’s purpose’ and supercharge their ideas into very real and scalable businesses that will ultimately create the future reality of their dreams


8 steps to success


I'll help you take that idea you have in your head, and turn it into something real.


I'll help you plan for the future, including business plans, financial forecasting and exit strategy.


I'll teach you how to sell. We'll analyse your current sales process and create a sales plan to follow.


I'll offer advice and guidance on the right software solutions for your business.


We''ll work on self limiting beliefs, and I'll give you real world practical training on 'how to think yourself rich'.


We'll start applying what you've learnt in the real world to get results.


I'll help you set up your business systems and processes with growth and future scaling accounted for.


We'll work on achieving a great work life balance & I'll pass on the lessons I've learned about finding happiness after you 'make it'.

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This guy is good, and by good I mean he’s a Jedi with an International adapter. You could stick him to the cover of ‘Wired’ and throw him over a rainbow. To understand what separates Karl as a man and a business man is to understand what makes some men push the envelope. As an International best-selling author of travel and adventure novels and having completed nine months of filming for Nat Geo, I needed to find a business, and media mentor capable of taking a middle aged completely tech naïve man who’s only experience with the internet was an occasional e mail and showing that man how to climb the Everest of what it takes to make it in today’s cyberspace. Karl is the source code thinking well outside the box. He is driven – maniacally professional about everything he does. He uses the best kit available and has the skill sets to find a unique perspective that time and again delivers exactly what I’m after. Karl is a social chameleon, he’s the guy you can stick him in a tux and tell him to work the room or throw his arse off a cliff and tell him to deal with it. As far as I’m concerned he sets the benchmark; an inherent drive to find perfection figures largely in his value system and frankly I’d rather nail my genitals to a burning building than go somewhere else.”
Paul Carter
Best Selling Author & TV Celebrity
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I get it.  You want help with your business, and you want to make sure you spend your hard earned (or borrowed) cash on a business coach or mentor who is going to help you achieve the results you so badly want for your business. 

In business terms, I’m one of the most successful entrepreneurs to come out of the UK in the last 10 years.  At one point in 2014,  my value to the company was calculated to be aprox $47,000 for every hour I spent working in the business. I literally went from zero, to becoming a cash multi-millionaire in less than 5 years.

  In the following year, the Plc that acquired my business (Quindell Plc) was itself acquired for $928m as part of the largest ever deal of its type in the legal industry. (read the press release here)

I’ll be honest, along the way, I made lots of mistakes, changed the business model more than once, and had the pleasure of working with some amazingly talented individuals.  I have suffered betrayal, been sued, and had to take legal action to recover large sums of money owed to my company.  I have employed the right people, and had to fire the wrong people.  I’ve been there, bought the T-Shirt, the Rolex, and the Aston Martin.

In 2014, my personal net worth was calculated to be over $20m, and I would regularly sit in market board meetings with other multi-millionaire CEOs discussing deals worth hundreds of millions of dollars. This became my normal.

Since retiring back in 2014, I have learned that life isn’t all about money, and that everyone needs their own personal Mount Everest to climb, challenges to overcome, and most importantly, they need the joy and love that comes from family and human connection. I guess you could say I’ve gone through a life awakening!

Over the last two years, I have thoroughly enjoyed every second of taking my second  business (www.oneclickwebsites.co) from an idea in my head, to creating a cutting edge website and software company servicing business customers all over the world.  The business is infinitely scalable, and I’m confident that my company will be the subject of an acquisition in the next 3 years.    In December 2019 I also launched www.awaken.app, which is the world’s first ‘conscious’ social media community.  The free App provides people with a new type of social media experience.

I am in the very fortunate position in life, where I get to choose what I do with my time, and who I spend it with.    I absolutely love using my experience & knowledge to ‘bring out the gems from within’ my mentoring clients.  Business can be, and should be enjoyable, which is why every session in my program is live and interactive.  We’ll be on this journey together, and I’ll help you go from just dreaming about the life you want, to absolutely knowing when it’s going to happen, and exactly how you’re going to make it happen.  

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Join My Group Mentoring Program

This program is split half video training (allowing you to learn in your own time), and half LIVE (3 hours live mentoring each and every week) .  This is live real time interactive group training and mentoring  I adapt the training to suit the individual needs of each person in the group. I’ll be your digital CEO for 12 months.

8 Weeks - 16 Sessions - 48 Hours - Video +Live Mentoring
(Includes all software + 12 Months Ongoing Support)
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Week 1
Make It Real

We take that idea you have in your head and take practical steps to make it real, fast.

Week 2
Business Model

We laser focus to develop your product or service, identify your customer, and service delivery.

Week 4
Minumum Viable Product

We work on crafting your MVP (how to take your business live as fast as possible).

Week 4

I'll teach you how to close any deal from $10 to $10million using the same process. We'll turn on your automated sales engine.

Week 5
Software & Automation

We'll work on different online marketing & lead generation models to find the perfect model for your business.

Week 6

We'll begin to put what we've been learning into practice in the real world. We begin to make things happen!

Week 7
Facebook Ads

We'll set up and structure your ad campaign to achieve maximum results.

Week 8

We'll structure your business for scale whilst putting happiness and purpose at its core.


Over $4,000 Extras Included

Private Accountability Facebook Group

You'll get lifetime access to my closed facebook group, and join other Retire In Five members on our question & answer live calls for up to 12 months.

All Software Included
($1,560 Value)

You'll get 1 year free access (Pro Membership) giving you everything you will ever need to start and grow your business online, including website, landing pages, sales funnels, webinars & more.

Business In A Box
($1,297 Value)

This step by step online course will help you set up and connect two high performing online sales funnels.

Social Media Marketing Workshop
($479 Value)

You'll get a two hour one social media marketing workshop with our head of online marketing and sales giving you a clear road map on how to promote your business online to drive leads and sales.

Advanced Facebook Ads & Marketing Training
($997 Value)

I'll share with you the exact facebook advertising strategy that all of the top online marketers in the world are using to start and scale their businesses, and then we'll implement that exact strategy for your business.

How To Sell On The Phone Training
($997 Value)

You'll receive training on everything you need to know about how to generate leads and close deals over the phone in today's digital age.

When we first met, you invigorated me with your optimism, drive and absolute positivy. You're enthusiasm and drive was infectious to me and all of our staff. We took on board all you envisaged and went with your vision, developing systems and taking on staff, resulting in the business quadrupling our monthly throughput. It has been an amazing year, I have never enjoyed working along side anybody so very much. You have a powerful aura a presence about you, and I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to work with you, and will draw on the lessons I have learned from you for many years to come. I count the people who I feel such a trust and loyalty towards in life on one hand, and you are on that hand. The kind of man I would fix a boyonet to a rifle and blindly , with total trust and loyalty, follow over the top.
You'll never appreciate or fully understand the effect you had on both myself and our business, and all the people who now rely on it for their livelihoods. Thank you my friend.
Ant Martin
Owner Director - Solicitor Assist

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